Alicia Banit -
Hot blonde rising Aussie star!
Currently starring in series two of hit series "Dance Academy" on ABC 3
Also s
een in Disney's "As the Bell Rings" and ABC's "Summer Heights High"

Alicia Banit is a multi-talented dancer, model and actor from St Helena in Victoria. She is 21 with blonde hair and blue eyes. While attending Year 11 at St Helena Secondary College back in 2007, Alicia was cast in the Chris Lilley produced cult comedy series "Summer Heights High". She played the part of "Kaitlyn" - by far the most eye-catching of the "populars" befriended by one of Lilley's characters - Ja'mie.

Alicia's stint on Summer Heights High has sharpened her appreciation for comedy acting.

``Chris Lilley is really amazing with what he does, there's never a dull moment,'' she said.

Alicia said auditions focused on the chemistry between actors and getting the mix right in terms of improvisation.

``A lot of it is Chris asking us what do teenage girls do in certain situations, so we were able to help him with that,'' she said.

Arguably, one of the most memorable scenes in the Summer Heights High series for Alicia Banit fans takes place in auditorium when Ja'mie and the populars put on a short performance to convince the school to hold a Year 11 formal. Alicia's character "Kaitlyn" plays a sexy "skank" and she does it so well. She wore her school shirt unbuttoned just enough to reveal a nice cleavage and a sexy red lace bra (photo on left). Check out the video clip below!

But it has not been overnight success for the multi talented performer, who has made a string of TV appearances in the past decade since getting her first gig aged six.

While "Summer Heights High" was Alicia Banit's first major TV break, she went on to play one of the characters in Disney's popular teen comedy series "As The Bell Rings" which screens on Foxtel and Austar.

You can also catch Alicia as "Leah" in the series "Tangle" screening on Showtime which has been renewed for a second series. Some fantastic news for all Alica Banit fans is that she scored one of the lead roles in the 26 part series "Dance Academy". Alicia plays the role of "Kat". See photos and video clips below! Also worth checking out is the official site for Dance Academy - it features tons of cool material including video blogs made by the characters, audition clips and heaps more! Here is the link>>>


NEWSBREAK! Series 2 of the popular Dance Academy has started screening in Australia. It features the favourites we love from series one including Alicia who is back playing her zany character Kat Kamarakov thank goodness although she is no longer at the Academy but she still has a very prominent and quite interesting role! Check out the screen shot on the right of Alicia from series 2. Dance Academy series 2 airs on ABC 3 on weeknights at 6.30pm. Catch it!
Check out the Official Dance Academy web site>>> 

Alicia Banit has also made guest appearances on "Halifax FP", "Rove", "In Melbourne Tonight", "Rush" and "Neighbours". One of her appearances in Neighbours was extra memorable due to the very short shorts that she wore! Check out the clip below. Alicia's feature film debut was in the Australian movie - "Dead Letter Office - in 1998.

There is absolutely no shadow of a doubt that the very lovely and extremely talented Alicia Banit can look forward to an amazing career on the small and big screen and we look forward to joining her on this amazing journey!




Alicia helping out at McHappy Day 2011!


Alicia turned 21 on Sep 4 2011


AT THE 2011

Alicia Banit Galleries:






Summer Heights High group shots:


Network Ten's "Rush"

Alicia Banit - the story so far:

Personal details: Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m)  Birthday: September 4, 1990

Dance Academy (series 2 in production)
Alicia has one of the lead roles playing the role of "Kat"
Production Company : Werner Film Productions for ABC (Australia) and ZDF (Germany)
Format : 26 x 30 mins

Showcase Subscription Channel - 2009
Alicia plays the role of "Leah"

As The Bell Rings
Disney Channel Australia
Alicia plays the role of "Amber"

Network 10 - 2009
Series 1 - Episode 8
Alicia played the role of "Gemma"

Summer Heights High
ABC - 2007
Alicia plays "Kaitlyn"

Network 10 2006-2008
Alicia plays the role of Sharni Hillman

Feature films:

Dead Letter Office - 1998
"Young Alice" - Alicia plays the part of a younger version of the main character "Alice Walsh"
( adult version played by Miranda Otto)


Watch Alicia Banit:

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Meet Kat - Dance Academy

Alicia Banit as Kat Kamarakov in Dance Academy

Dance Academy Opening Night

Sexy shorts in Neighbours

Ja'mie wants a formal - Alicia plays "the skank"

Summer Heights High - Fashion Parade